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Nurse Services

At-home Nursing Services

Continue with expert treatment right in your home and promote the well-being of elders. We offer a comprehensive range of nursing services provided by experienced and certified professionals. Our team of nurses are background checked and hand selected for their compassionate touch.


Warranting Safe Care

Trust is of paramount importance when it comes to healthcare. The relation between a doctor and their patient is a sacred one and should be kept so for therapeutic purposes. And so is the same for nurse and patient bonds.  We use the following check mechanisms to bring you a safe service:


  • Indian national identity check : We collect consent and documents from the nurse, run the parameters by the available public domain data shared by the issuing authority. 
  • Digital Address Verification: Current and permanent address parameters are digitally verified to ensure whether the nurse stays at the given address or not.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand the sensitive nature of at-home eldercare services and our nursing team is dedicated to upholding the standards of privacy and confidentiality. They undergo training in privacy protocols and are bound by a confidentiality agreement. 


We ensure that every form of information is either disclosed by the client or by us. They are forbidden from withholding any form of information like document copies, prescriptions, photographs, or voice recordings etc, of any type whatsoever.


Blood Pressure Check

Price: ₹250

Intra-Muscular injection (IM)

Price: ₹300

Enema per visit

Price: ₹600


Price: ₹300

Sugar Check per Visit

Price: ₹300

Dressing Per Visit

Price: ₹500

Rice Tube Incestion

Price: ₹500

Intra-Venous Injection (IV) (31-60min)

Price: ₹500

Intra-Venous Injection (IV) (61-120min)

Price: ₹600

Intra-Venous Injection (IV) (30min)

Price: ₹400

Frequently Asked

What services can I expect from a Care4Life nurse?
Our nurses are trained to provide a range of services including blood pressure checks, injections (both IM and IV), enema administration, nebulization, sugar level monitoring, wound dressing, catheter and rice tube insertion.
Can I receive IV injections at home?
Yes, our nurses are equipped to administer intravenous injections in the comfort of your own home, ensuring you receive the necessary treatment without the need for hospitalisation.
Can a nurse assist with catheter insertion?
Yes, our experienced nurses can perform catheter insertions when deemed necessary by your healthcare provider. They will ensure the procedure is done with utmost care and sensitivity.
How do you ensure the competency and qualifications of your nursing staff?
We carefully screen and select licensed and experienced nurses with specialised training in eldercare. Our team is composed of professionals dedicated to providing high-quality care.
What measures are in place to guarantee the safety and well-being of the elderly individuals under your care?
We prioritise safety and implement rigorous protocols to ensure the well-being of our clients. Our nurses are trained in best practices for elderly care, and we conduct regular assessments to identify and address any potential risks.
Can I request a specific nurse for my loved one's care?
We do our best to accommodate requests for specific nurses, taking into consideration availability and scheduling. We understand the importance of continuity and comfort in the caregiving relationship.

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